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Community Supported Agriculture is a weekly vegetable subscription service that connects customers directly to their local farmer. Each week, you'll receive a box of 5 to 7 seasonal vegetables – the best and freshest of what's available on the farm. 

Being a part of a CSA is a powerful way to support your farmer. Because CSA customers commit to a full season, CSAs provide small farmers with financial security while also guaranteeing customers a fresh supply of local veggies every week. It’s a life-changing way to eat seasonally and support your local Jewish farmer!

What will I get?

  • A weekly delivery of fresh vegetables to Beth El, Kehillah, the Levin JCC, or downtown Hillsborough.


  • A weekly newsletter filled with photos and updates from the farm, info on the veggies in your box, and our favorite recipes!

  • Invitations to events at the farm.

  • The opportunity to directly support your local Jewish farmers!

The 2024 CSA Season


The 2024 CSA season will be 28 weeks between mid-April and mid-November, with a couple of weeks off in August. We offer pick-up every week and every *other* week!


Price and Payment Options


  • Our Weekly Share costs $980 for the 2024 season - that's $35 per week. You can pay upfront in full (a huge help to the farm, if you can swing it), or sign up for one of our monthly payment plans.

  • The price of a Half Share (every *other* week pick up) is $490 for the 2024 season - that's $35 per delivery. You can pay upfront in full (a huge help to the farm, if you can swing it) or sign up to pay in 4 consecutive monthly installments of $122.50.

  • We price our CSA to support a livable minimum salary for ourselves as your farmers - if you're curious about our budget, you can take a look here!


Pick-up Locations and Times


We have multiple pick-up locations on Wednesdays and Fridays in Durham, Chapel Hill, and Hillsborough. You can choose the most convenient pick up for you!


You can pick-up weekly in:




  • Weds in downtown Hillsborough, 2 - 6 pm

Quotes from Current Members

"Quality was exemplary! Everything tasted wonderful, got my kid interested in veggies, and I spent more time meal-prepping."


"The vegetables were gorgeous and so clean every week! I was in awe of your farming skills. Plus the weekly veggies made me do more cooking for myself (only me at home these days) and that was a good thing."


"Quality of veggies is superb -- I've never in my life seen veggies so beautiful and happy. Seriously. Your produce is better than any I've seen, even at the farmers markets, and it lasts forever in my fridge b/c it's so fresh. I love how even the veggies rest on Shabbos :)"

"Being a part of the One Soil CSA is a win win win - we feel good about supporting healthy local food systems, feel connected to the Jewish community in a unique way, and it makes eating delicious veggies part of our family’s weekly routine."

"The quality of your veggie is unbelievably high. I love the super convenient pick-up and the Jewish aspect to the farm. I want to support local, Jewish, female farmers!"


What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a weekly vegetable subscription service. CSA members receive a weekly share of vegetables throughout the farming season, with each week's selection reflecting what is in abundance on the farm that week. 


Do I have to be Jewish to join?

No, you do not have to be Jewish to join! Our CSA is open to everyone! In fact - as a small farm run by two queer Jewish women who call North Carolina home, having support within AND outside of our Jewish community is incredibly meaningful to us. All you need to have is a desire to receive gorgeous vegetables and an interest in learning more about Jewish holidays and traditions through the lens of farming.

What kinds of vegetables will I receive?

Each week, you’ll receive the freshest vegetables in season. We grow a huge variety of vegetables and work hard to switch things up each week! You can expect a variety of 5-7 veggies in each box.

Do you offer a smaller share?

We offer a weekly share and an every *other* week share - both are the same size, 5-7 veggies per box. Because our veggies are freshly harvested and handled carefully, they last a LONG time in the fridge!

Are your vegetables organic?

While we are not certified organic, we follow organic guidelines in all of our growing practices. Every decision we make is based on the health of our customers and the soil we grow in.

How do you set your prices?

Our goal is to serve our community while also providing a livable minimum salary for ourselves as your farmers - click here for a full breakdown of our 2024 budget!

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! When you purchase your share, you can choose to pay in 4 consecutive monthly installments. We also have a 10 month payment plan available ($98/mo) *just until the end of March!*


What if I go out of town and have to miss a box?

If you need to miss a week of CSA pickup, you can have a friend pick it up for you, or we’ll donate your box for you to a family in need 🧡


How can I contact you with a question?

Email Meredith at We’re always happy to answer questions.

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