quilts by meredith

Full/Queen, "Red", Maximalist
Full/Queen, "Red", Maximalist

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Full/Queen, "Red", Minimalist
Full/Queen, "Red", Minimalist

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Full/Queen, "Rainbow Jewel Tone", Maximalist
Full/Queen, "Rainbow Jewel Tone", Maximalist

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Full/Queen, "Red", Maximalist
Full/Queen, "Red", Maximalist

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would you like me to make you a quilt?

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Here's how it works:

  • I make personal, improvisational, imperfect quilts for fun and with joy. I don't do planned patterns or precisely measured pieces or straight lines. 

  • Your final quilt will be a surprise based on the color scheme and vibe we imagine together!

  • If you want me to make you a quilt, we'll schedule a time to talk, and you can share with me:

    • the size you want (full/queen, throw or baby)​

    • a color scheme or inspiration, if you have one - this could be something like "red", "rainbow jewel tone", "blues and purples", "neutral grays with a pop of color", or anything else we can imagine together

    • the space the quilt is going in or the purpose of the quilt (I'd love a virtual tour of the quilt's future home, so I can vision a quilt particularly for your space!)

  • Timing: This really depends on the time of year and if I've got other projects lined up ahead of you, but I can generally do a quilt in a month or two from when I start the process. If you'd like a quilt made for a particular occasion, reach out a few months ahead of time at least!


My pricing is a sliding scale for each quilt size, based on covering the material costs​ and a rough estimate of how many hours I'll spend making it for you. I REALLY want to make quilts for my friends - and I want to value my time, and quilting takes lots of time! I am open to trades, barters, and payment plans - if you want a quilt from me, let's talk and work it out. 

I'll need the material costs up front so that I can afford to buy the fabric and get started - beyond that, I'm happy to work out a payment plan for the rest that works for you!

I also envision my custom quilts becoming magical community gifts for meaningful life events - maybe friends and family can share the cost?

  • FULL/QUEEN - $625 - $850

    • roughly 96" x 93"

    • supplies  - $275​ (needed up front)

  • THROW - $450 - $600

    • roughly 60" x 60"

    • supplies - $150​ (needed up front)

  • BABY QUILT - $350 - $525

    • roughly 60" x 46"

    • supplies - $100 (needed up front)


be in touch

If you're interested in a custom quilt, you can email me at:



and put "quilt magic" in the subject line

and we'll start a conversation :)