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Sign up now for the 2024 Season!

Why sign up now?

We rely on our early supporters each season to keep our farm alive! Every single member that signs up now allows us to:

  • Pay Meredith and Molly’s salaries through the winter months

  • Pay for essential supplies that we need before our spring season begins: a new plow to expand our fields, a big seed order for next year (we order seeds in December, and start seeding in January!), a compost delivery, a propane refill for the greenhouse, and enough potting soil and seed trays for the spring.

  • Offer more flexible payment plans for those who need it: for every person that can pay in full up front, we’re able to offer a monthly payment plan that makes our vegetables accessible to more community members.

  • Build momentum towards our essential goal of 120 members for the 2024 season - you can see our full budget for next year here.

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